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Institute of Advanced Drug Delivery Technology  is a new research and development institution jointly established by the team of Dr. Danyi Quan from the United States, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute and Nanjing Jiangbei New Area. It aims to gather innovative resources in the field of global new drug preparation technology. Speed ​​up the application and industrialization of new pharmaceutical preparation technologies in Jiangsu Province. Since the establishment of the institute in August 2018, the institute has established the goal of developing the biopharmaceutical industry, focusing on breaking through the commonality and key technologies in the field of new pharmaceutical preparations, and by gathering top talents and teams in the field of new pharmaceutical preparations around the world, the introduction of mature foreign Technology and products, so as to carry out industrial technology application research and integrated innovation, promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, derive and incubate technology-based enterprises, improve the industrial chain, cultivate high-level innovative talents, and promote Jiangsu Province to become a high-end talent and high-tech industry in the new pharmaceutical preparation technology industry An important agglomeration area for enterprises.


Vision: Make in the collection, make the best in Dingxin

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Company Leader
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Consultation Team
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Formulation R&D Center

Formulation R&D Center Sign exclusive agreements with world-class testing instrument and equipment companies such as Henkel, Logan, DNS, Sotax, Agilent, etc., to build a domestic leading level formulation R&D center that meets international standards.

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Preparation CDMO Base

We are building a CDMO base that meets international standards. It includes 9 workshops: skin external preparation workshop, solid preparation workshop, transdermal drug delivery workshop, suspension preparation workshop, soft capsule preparation workshop, solid preparation workshop, and comprehensive Sterile preparation workshop, comprehensive blowing-filling-sealing workshop, comprehensive small-volume injection workshop. It will provide agency production and processing services to various research institutes, enterprises, parks and other institutions.

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Pharmaceutical Enterprise Joint R&D Center

Pharmaceutical Enterprise Joint R&D Center Launch strategic cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions to establish a pharmaceutical enterprise joint R&D center to jointly develop high-end preparation technologies and products.

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Institutional Joint R&D Center

Cooperate with well-known medical (pharmaceutical) colleges at home and abroad to establish a university joint R&D center to jointly cultivate outstanding R&D talents, including post-doctoral mobile workstations and graduate mobile stations.

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Overseas Joint R&D Center

Carry out the overseas joint R&D center plan, attract the world best technology and talents, and devote itself to the development and storage of high-end preparation technology and related results. Currently, the overseas ex vivo skin bank is under preparation in the United States.

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Investment Fund

The investment fund company has signed a four-party joint construction agreement with Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, Nanjing Jiangbei New District, and Biomedicine Valley, and has obtained 100 million yuan financing, mainly for the following purposes:

1. Innovative research and development projects for new pharmaceutical preparations;

2. High-end Establishment of the preparation technology industry platform;

3. The introduction, team building and product development of new high-end preparations in the field of immune system;

4. The introduction, team building and product development of new high-end preparations in the central nervous system field.

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