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Jiangsu Yiquan Pharmaceutical Industry

Representative Project: Transdermal Patch R&D and Industrialization Project Advantage: Domestic lack of barrier technology and industrialization experience Durable, stable, safe and effective

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Nanjing Youqi Health Technology
Under Construction ...
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Nanjing Fengdi Medical Technology

Representative project of Nanjing Fengdi 

Medical Technology: 

Industrialization of High-end Injector Device 

Industrialization of Automatic Mixer Device 


High-end injector, breaking through traditional power, combined with big data collection, processing, and analysis, simple, high acceptance, automatic drug mixing machine, filling Global field gap.

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Nanjing Well Health Technology

Under Construction ...
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Nanjing Zhichou Biotechnology

Representative Project:

Industrialization of Circulating Tumor Cell Capture Device

Circulating Tumor Cell Individualized Diagnostic Service

Project Advantages:

Fill the gap in the global field, not only for detection, but also for treatment with high capture rate, good specificity, and falsehood Low rate.

Nanjing Shengjie Medical Consulting

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Nanjing Aoyunda Pharmaceutical Technology

Representative project:

R&D and industrialization of new human body cold sensitizers.

Project advantage:

The human body cold sensitizer technology can be applied to multiple products and has a wide range of applications.

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Nanjing Saite preparation technology

Representative project:

Living neutrophil preparations

Advantages of the project:

Only as a drug carrier, high safety; easy to prepare, low cost, load a variety of drugs, can be administered multiple times.

Home> Incubation Enterprises> Nanjing Parker Gene Preparations

A team of academicians of the 3rd American Academy of Sciences, focusing on the field of accounting preparations.

Home> Incubation Enterprises> Nanjing Isolated Skin Bank

Nanjing Isolated Skin Bank

Former President/Secretary Team of Nanjing Medical University + American Expert Team.

Home> Incubation Enterprises> Nanjing suckling pig skin base.

Nanjing suckling pig skin base

Under Construction

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